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  Ever feel like wearing your pajamas or staying in nothing but your lingerie all day, and wearing it outside??? The "Summer" is the perfect little number to pull that off in.



    It's airy, sexy, comfy, and a super fun outfit to have and create tons of looks with. You can go the sexy route with it or funky route depending on the girl or person (no judgement here) you are or the mood you're in.  Just be creative and have fun...


   One direction you can go with this outfit is the punk/90's grunge direction, when girls were wearing their clothes loose and baggy and venturing into the men's section of stores. 


    You can wear the "Summer" under an oversized or boyfriend fit camouflage jacket, or camouflage shirt if you're looking to give that 90's vibe I mentioned earlier.


   Take your camo jacket or camo shirt , fold it at the sleeves or roll it up (whatever you prefer), find some cool vintage pin buttons or vintage brooches or any cool  jewelry like some pearl necklaces to accessories your outfit and give it a soft and feminine touch. Or pieces that have character, that are fun, and say something about you. 



    The accessories in the picture above are a few examples and pieces to get inspiration from for your accessorizing your outfit. 


    You have the vintage brooches and the pearl necklace that are usually handed down from generation to generation which could say something about your family, the old school name plate chain that could say something about the era you grew up in, the classic hoop that says you're sultry, the chandelier earring that shows your sassy sexy attitude, and the classic watch just pulls the look together and gives it that strong classic touch.

    Another important accessory when putting together a look and the direction you're going with this look is a shoe. A shoe will dictate what route or what direction you want to take your look. For example if you want to go more feminine and soft route I suggest a heel sandal or a mule in retro silhouette, one that compliments the accessories and the  primary color of those accessories. A gold or tan shoe would compliment the camouflage print. A peep toe boot in a tan or earthy tone color will also compliment both the camouflage and your outfit nicely. 


    If you want to go the more the funky laid back direction , a little more influenced by punk/90's grunge style a pair of Doc Martens or a creeper silhouette by puma are the perfect choice of footwear for this outfit/look. They come in variety of cool colors and even prints that will compliment your outfit and your style nicely further pushing the style envelope. 

 And multiple spring look are created with the "Summer"...


    As for makeup for this look I suggest a clean smoky eye. Nothing too heavy or too dark. You want to keep it fresh and soft. Stick to gray tones, not black except for the eye liner and mascara. Keep the lip simple and in a natural tone. A natural pink flesh tone color.


       (Makeup by: Nani Garcia)

      (Model and H.O.G.N.Y. CEO Lisa Hernandez)


    You're more the simple girly girl or just in the mood for a softer more look. You can layer the "Summer" under a sheer oversized button down blouse. You can keep your accessories to a minimum or go for big more extravagant statement pieces with this simpler softer look.


      As for makeup for this look I suggest super clean face, natural makeup. Keep the skin clean, for eyes do soft browns and earthy tones to create a soft smokey eye, and do the lips in a natural nude tone.


               (Makeup by: Nani Garcia)


             And just like that you brought the "Summer" from spring to summer...


      Wanna go a little more sophisticated, make it more of an evening look...

    You can create a sexy, sophisticated, and grown evening look with the "Summer" with a few simple accessories and staple wardrobe pieces. 

    You can create this look by layering the "Summer" under a boyfriend fit blazer, paired with a heeled sandal, and accessorized a classic watch, classic hoop earrings, a chocker, and a statement clutch or handbag.


     (Makeup by: Nani Garcia)

   And to vamp up this look even more. A nice super sultry metallic smoky eye, bronzed skin, and nude lip is the route to go with for makeup. And just like that you've created the perfect evening look for drinks with the girls or a night out...


As always, have fun creating looks, putting outfits together, and shopping at .


Yours in style,

Irving St Irving 

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